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Life’s a Bitch… Then She Dies

"I’m talking about dogs Mama"… (had to put up a disclaimer for my family.)

Teeter owned by Bessette Bullies at an AKC show in Brooklyn, CT

This title is the truth... there is nothing less valuable than a female dog. There is no larger gamble, no bigger headache, no less appreciated, no more overlooked and discarded animal than a bitch.

Now I know… a lot of you are going to come on here and say… “Bully you’re out of pocket on this one, the most important piece is the bitch.” Without a doubt you can’t get the golden egg if the golden hen doesn’t lay it, but let’s truly examine the facts surrounding bitches. I obviously know a program is only as good as its bitches... but I’ll wrap that up at the end.

It only takes 3 degrees of separation to find someone who has sold a dog for $40,000 on social media. It’s not all that uncommon for a stud to go for this price, or more. We know studs that have gone for well over six figures. Good ones, and bad ones have made their owners bags of money. Proven and unproven producers demand respect with a good cameraman and catchy hashtag, you too… can make millions, but now name 5 bitches that people paid 50k for…. I’ll wait.

Talk that talk George…

Actually, I won’t wait…this piece won’t write itself, and someone has to piss you off before the weekend. So why aren’t females more valuable…

The truth is... no one cares. They don’t want to see your bitch, and the phrase to approve bitches is more about the check mark after the card is swiped and the words “approved” going across a screen than the actual quality of a bitch. Look bitches are photographed before their first litter, and again after the pop and spread that comes with that correlating litter… no more pics after that. They then become the dipping back table holders, for saggy teats, and sharpie size nipples, that are hidden away when breeders have company over.

Athena owned by Billy Cummins at So. IL Exotic Bullyz

That’s saying that the bitch didn’t catch pyometra, didn’t have a prolapse, and doesn’t have silent heats that you miss, or if the bitch simply doesn’t take. See the gauntlet of a solid bitch is trepidatious at best, and damn frustrating regardless. So you’re saying “Bully... that means a good bitch should be worth a ton!So much can, and often does go wrong”. Logically... yes… but reality says no. Through all of that a bitch may have a litter, and in that litter, she may produce a male that goes on to be a million dollar stud... at that point she may get some respect... and the title of a producing bitch… but there’s no value in that really.

Here’s why... most buyers never mention the female when talking about a great stud... he’s the son of, the grandson of, or 2 times this and 4 times that (insert hot stud name here) and damn his Mama.

The truth is this is the beginning of the depreciation process though. If you’re still reading, screen shot this… after the first breeding let’s be honest, the bitch truly only has 2-3 shots more to do it again. It would be an ideal time to sell her, but of course breeders don’t. They have to go collect another bag and hope the bitch gives them more than 3 pups. Now really good breeders never consider selling their top bitches, they are building a foundation, a program, and she’s worth her weight in gold. I know this to be true, but the harsh reality is…. It’s cheaper to breed her, I mean cheap her to keep her, no I mean cheaper as in the bitch will make more money on the yard than being sold off it.

Keisha owned By Chrystal Schattel at Maceo & Co. nursing her puppy.

The math is right... even if you sold her for 40k you’d most likely make less than that if the bitch gave you 20 pups in her lifetime at a despicable $2500 a pup…. Hell thats $50,000… factor in 4 stud fees at a low end $3000 each, that’s minus $12,000, and 4 C-Sections and progesterone tests brings us up another minus $5000 and boom we are -$17000 leaving you with $23000 on a bitch. Damn this bitch is almost costing you money, and I’m being nice giving you 20 pups… honestly that number may be closer to 12… don’t show your significant other this article if you had to ask his/her permission to buy the bitch in the first place. Suddenly she’s only made you $7000… I won’t go any lower than that, but some of you reading this know a lot of bitches that had fewer than 10 pups in 4 breeding's.

Talk that talk George…

Now if you’re still with me… tell me again how they are the most valuable… but before you do let me say this. It’s a fact most retired dogs that are placed with families later in their canine lives are females. They are the throwaways that served a purpose and at 6 years old are disposable and gotten rid of… for free, because the value is in the reproduction organs, and those are in the words of of my German friends... are now kaput… I don’t really know if he’s German, but it sounds good.

I’m not saying this is how it should be, I’m just saying what it is… the best female you’ve ever seen, probably was never sold because the owner believed in her, but the best female you probably saw probably couldn’t produce. Your favorite stud dog probably came off a bitch that could never win a show, and one that you probably would have never bought, because she wasn’t that pretty… but she produced so even though she was gawd-awfully ugly... she did her thing.

The value of a bitch is in the owner, because buying a bitch is all about an instant reward… the best selling point being...

“When is she coming in to heat?”

“She’s in right now big dog….”

What do you think? Let me know if I’m right, or wrong...

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