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Two Days Woke


A dream is your subconscious telling you what it looks like to achieve what you wish. Yet no matter how deep the sleep you can’t envision your dream without the work required when you are awake. For Barry Lanham the plan was easy, the acquiring of assets was work, but what happens when your dream changes in 48 hours. What happens when your female comes in heat, and the stud you are using is only hours away from you making the call to ship the semen….

And then your entire world goes black….

Darkness wraps around one’s mind like an envelope, sleep is the cousin of death, and a coma is more closely related … more a sibling of death. For two days Barry Lanham was in a coma, hooked to a machine that kept him here, yet not anywhere. He lost an arm, but when he woke up two days later, he gained a mindset and the heart to see it come to its fruition. He awoke and could see clearly, his vision was perfect, and he scraped the plan to breed his bitch to a famous stud and instead purchased a pup off Grimm.

Naomi was the start of the new beginning for Barry Lanham

For most starting over is difficult, busting a U-turn at top speed is reckless yet that’s exactly what he did. The bitch he secured was next level the creamy fawn bitch with the incredible muscle and the pedigree he could stack on was the perfect fit for what he planned. He bred her and created Bulls that would build other yards, he was creating a foundation of greats in South Carolina that could hang with the big yards, but he was doing it quietly. It was brick by brick, bull by bull, and then after disaster struck his first Brimm litter, he stuck to the plan and went back to the Blue Bomb maker and his BMF was born!

BMF at 4 months old was destined for greatness

Different from birth, he was destined for greatness, he was the stud that all breeders dream to create, but when you lose two days to sleep… you don’t dream of creating... you simply create. There comes a point in every Dogman’s life where they think that another person could bring their product to the masses better than they can… but there also comes a moment where one must bet on oneself and know that no person is going to love your work more than you!

No one is going to give you a handout, no one is going to lend you a hand, it is a load that only you can carry and if you fail then fail knowing that you carried it.

3MK's BMF doing we he does best.... Look amazing!

BMF isn’t a Bull that can fail though, his bone is crazy, his head is cinder block heavy and his structure on point. He’s a must see Bull he isn’t the run of the mill dog that everyone has, he’s bigger than his pedigree he stands on his own. It’s a gamble, an affordable gamble, his nickname “Mr Paid in Full” starting as a knock because of the fact his stud fee was to be paid in full when locking him in… the knock became gold because that’s what people did... they Paid in Full… and the way things are going the community had better save up because payment is due... and when it comes to BMF… Barry is the collection man!

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