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There's Your Way Then There's The Rite-Way

When you talk of modern day Midwest breeders it's damn near disrespectful to leave out Randino Lee of Rite-Way Bullz, the producer of the #1 Exotic Bully in the BRC... Grch. Spotify.

Grch. Spotify. BRC's winningest Exotic Bully

As soon as the sale of Spotify was finalized with Teresa and Jerry of Covered Bridge Bullies the regret was instant and had Randy constantly questioning himself... What happens if he couldn’t ever replicate the greatness found in Spotify? The ability to produce an exotic of his caliber wasn’t easy, and it damn sure wasn’t a guarantee!

Spending the next few years combating bad luck and doing breedings that never quite met his expectations Randy found himself at a crossroad…. Give up as a breeder or do what some would consider a cheat, and purchase his next stud. Never known for being a quitter... Randy went to the west coast, broke open the bank and obtained a stud named Cool Breeze from breeder Jay Bwell and started the process of building what he ultimately wanted. It was the start he needed…

Or was it?

R.I.P Cool Breeze

In 2022, bad luck hit back again with a vengeance and Cool Breeze sadly passed away on the 4th of July, but not without leaving a blessing that could carry on his legacy, and continue the rebirth of Rite-Way Bullz.

Although Cool Breeze passing was devastating, before his untimely death Randy bred him to Grch. Spotifys littermate and finally the yin was over, and the yang was named Slurricane!

Champion Slurricane been taking th Midwest by storm

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