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The Teacher’s Pets

Superior Bullies


Becoming a breeder is rarely a thought-out process. It’s not a career chosen on career day. Often the animal lovers in an elementary class choose careers such as veterinarians, or zookeepers, a circus trainer, but dog breeder never makes the list. For most it’s a hobby that takes on a life of its own, and that life is full of blessings and trials. In the case of Superior Bullies, her blessing was truly a blessing for the entire community.

Leigh Ann doing what she does best... Show up and Show out!

Leigh Ann Durrence has never been a person that thirsted for the spotlight, her competitive juices flowing from a place of love, over a place of fire. It’s the teacher in her that pushes her to learn as she goes, rather than boast of what she already knows. It’s often the best students that become the most qualified teachers, and the great teachers never stop learning. It’s this application that has seen Superior Bullies become one of the best breeders of Shorty Bulls in the country, but their story started with the American Bully.

Breeding Bullies in the state of Georgia is not for the weak and producing title dogs is even harder. The state is full of some of the best to do it in the show ring. It’s the home to four senior judges and a number of reps for the ABKC. The Atlanta show scene is where legends cut their teeth to see if they fit the standard amongst the best in the country. So, when Leigh Ann’s son Dana walked into their home with an American Bully pup little did they know that the start of something greater was to come. It was going to shows that truly sparked the bug however, it was watching and learning that sent her to the whelping box to create a litter that could compete, and she did.

Their first dog GRCH Barnyard Bullies Uncle Clyde finished in 2015 so they knew what they wanted to create and when they produced Clydesdale and Bonnie they were on their way. During this time, they met Varrenza Baker and approached him in regards to handling. Varrenza and the Durrence’s become a formidable team, quietly making moves and strides in and out of the ring. Well, Varrenza and Leigh Ann quietly made moves, Dana was the fire, he was the Georgia Bulldog cheering, call out King, that spoke his mind, and yours as well if you asked him.

Superior Bully's Clydesdale as a puppy

The two siblings, Bonnie and Clydesdale were nice though, they were structurally sound and Bonnie would go onto win a huge Champion class at the Atlanta Expo show in 2017. It was to be the start of something special as Clydesdale titled later on as well, but disaster struck when Bonnie could no longer show and their prize show female was no longer able to carry the flag. Clydesdale carried the brand, but another spark had been ignited in that time.

The Shorty Bull is not a breed that everyone loves right from the jump. They are a bit of an acquired taste. For Leigh Ann who had a background in Aussies and Rottweilers before the bullies… the little squatty Bulldog like animals weren’t exactly good looking, but once you see the right one, they grow on you. Grow they did, they acquired Grand Champion Flair from the Queen herself at Blue River and the compact boy quickly earned his place at the Superior camp. Shortly after they acquired GRCH Citation and GRCH Laila Ali! They went from O-3 just like that and then the fun truly began as they started showing their shorties, and show them they did!

Grand Champion Flair

2017 Citation and Flair entered the ring at the same time and battled it out every time they showed, with one winning then the other, the breeds were racking up and a dilemma was created as it didn’t take long to realize the two males were stealing breeds from one another. They were both in the 2017 top ten and to make matters more complexing Laila was coming into her own and by 2018 the Superior Bully camp was looking at the very real reality of campaigning 3 Shorty Bulls at the same time! This was unheard of and had never been done, but she took up the task and Laila took up the banner and became the first female number 1 Shorty Bull in the top ten era, post 2011. It was a huge moment and Nationals was to be the cream on top, but the best laid plans are often derailed… and this one was by Mother Nature as their prize female came into heat. Superior Bullies would still take home a huge win as Flair would go on to take the National Grand Class!

Leigh ann's boy Citation

What followed next was an unprecedented run for their male Citation who would jump out to an early lead for Top Dog only to have the year ripped apart by Covid, it would cause a break for everyone and the show scene in general. The ABKC decided to extend the run for number one over a two year period. It proved to be easy work for Cy as he continued to dominate when the shows continued and he took home the Top Dog award. This was big, but the other big news was this marked the year they titled their first bred by Shorty Bulls in Cyclone and Mocha. The world was put on notice and the little bulldogs had taken over the residence of Superior Bullies!

Now the time has come where there is no doubt who is teaching the class on Shorty Bulls in the show ring, although they are too modest to tell you that. The facts are numbers don’t lie and in their time in the breed they have been home to 7 top ten dogs and have titled more than 10 dogs! They’ve won at the highest level and now the challenge is to enjoy it and continue to spread love throughout the breed. Winning is nice, but what matters is spreading the education, and passion through love.

2023 Halloween Show

It’s part of the reason that Superior Bullies throws their annual Halloween Bully show the last weekend of October every year, a show that personifies their kennel and what the dogs mean to them. It’s unique trophies, great food, and family all with a classic costume contest! It’s about family, dogs, and good times. It’s competition amongst camaraderie and the winners are the people and dogs alike! Now the Superior family has expanded as Dana has married the lovely Tara, and a new two legged Georgia Bulldog has joined the family in Ryder! The love has grown, and the next generation will simply learn from the best.

Showing and raising dogs will always be full of first loves and heartaches, but it’s the journey that makes it worth it and there has never been a greater gift than a breeder that leaves their breed a little better than they found it… and Leigh Ann and Superior Bullies is just that kind of breeder!

Thanks for reading this article and if you're interested in showcasing your breeding program contact K9studsource for more info.

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