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The Bull of Chicago

(Effortless Exotic Bullies the Home of GRCH Cambo)


The Windy City, The Chi, or Chi-town, is often thought of as the NYC, LA, or ATL of the Midwest. Chicago is the Mecca and its style… its grit permeates through its people and all that they do. There is no greater testament to the city’s determination than in the dog game. It’s a city built on doing it well, but more importantly doing it right.

Grand Champion Cambo shot by Eyez of NY

That truth is evident with John Lee the owner of Effortless Exotic Bullies and GRCH Cambo. Cambo isn’t a surprise, or a glorious accident he’s the start of a plan, of a blueprint created to make a Bull that embodies the breed while still taking in consideration health and quality of life. There’s no doubt that the champagne body suit wearing gorilla, with the golden eyes attracts the casual bully enthusiast, but it’s the physique, the mass on the low frame that separates the young King from others that masquerade in crowns and social media robes. It’s Cambo’s build that had John switch up his yard, because starting over doesn’t always have a beginning, it usually begins with an end.

The end for John was recognizing that his vision didn’t align with his start. He had invested in good looking dogs, put money in the game, and then realized what he saw wasn’t his scene so he flipped the camera. The vision was in Bulls that could be showed off, but could also show out when it came to the ring. Losing dogs he loved too soon, refocused his vision, and what he wanted to create. He wanted the entire package, the clean feet, the big head and the athletic body that he knew the breed could possess. So he switched it up starting with his foundation female, a GRCH Grimm daughter, Champion Sara Lee, and progressing onto creating his ideal Bull, and not someone else’s idea of one.

Cambo's BRC's Champion Certificate

Often times breeders get so wrapped up in the outside, they don’t focus on the inside, or the mindset of the dogs they produce. This is where John separates himself from the main stream breeder. He invests in their mind and temperament, through heavy socialization, which includes taking his dogs to doggy day cares for the interaction and social engagement with other dogs and people. The difference shows in the way his dogs react to new situations, whether it’s at dog shows, or a bustling city street, they exude confidence and the laid back demeanor of their owner. For John it’s not about getting the bag, it’s about giving the love that’s required to create dogs like Cambo.

Cambo wasn’t produced to be a lottery ticket, he was created to be a movie. He embodies the body of his sire Brimm, and the lines of his pedigree that go back to some of the biggest game changing show dogs in the breeds history. Cambo is meant to be the vision and the story that embodies a breed. It’s different when the goal is to stay in your own lane, but you own a Bull that stops traffic. It’s difficult to operate amongst the shady, while moving with virtuous transparency, and integrity. Yet John Lee and his Chicago Bulls aren’t concerned with the kingdoms of others, they simply focus on building their own dynasty.

The Legacy that looks effortless yet was anything, but easy!

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