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The 5 Must Do’s to Promote your Stud

A successful stud dog in 2023 is different than a successful stud dog in 2003. The market is flooded with platforms, and ways to see a plethora of dogs. There is an abundance of breeders and all claim to have the best of something, the best color, the biggest this, the most extreme, the rarest, in a world of exceptions that are normalized it’s difficult to truly recognize the exceptional. So, we have come up with 5 must do’s to get your stud to stand out in the competitive environment that is the dog community.

Number 1-

Golden Child - Photographed by James Aba of Toy Soldier

Invest in quality photographs of your stud. Don’t skimp on paying a professional to shoot your stud dog. One great picture can make you thousands of dollars, but one bad one can cost your stud his entire career. The phrase about a first impression is true, especially when it comes to a stud dog. The picture that introduces your dog to the world is going to determine how many flock to use your stud. Everyone wants a thousand likes, and one hundred shares, but it’s only going to happen if the picture garners the attention that will get you there. Number 2-

Video… the days of a picture carrying a stud are just about done. Now people want to see video of your stud, and due to the iPhones ability to shoot movie quality films there really isn’t an excuse to not have a video of a dog. It’s a red flag that is larger than a future wife with eight different baby daddies… no offense to those that married her, just know there was a risk attached. The video doesn’t have to have your stud performing amazing feats, or training exercises, it just has to show that he is what his pictures say he is. The videos purpose is to dispel the accusations of photoshopping when your pictures garnish the attention you wanted. Number 3- In person accounts of your stud. This is one of the most overlooked, but important aspects of a stud dog. You need first hand accounts of your monster. You need to bring him out and have people see and touch him at some point. This doesn’t mean he needs to go to a dog show every weekend, but he needs to attend at least one where people can say they saw him at some point and he is the real deal. These co-signs go a long way in your stud securing a Bugatti size bag in the future. Opinions are one thing, but facts carry heavy weight in validating a stud. Take photos of people visiting him if you can, some of the most popular studs have only left their yard a handful of times, but being seen by the respected made a huge difference in their success. Number 4- Stay active in your breeds community. Whether that means posting on your story, or page on social media, or attending events. Owning a stud does not lend itself to being quiet, the quiet are often forgotten. This doesn’t mean you have to be loud, and obnoxious, but definitely be noticed. It’s up to you to express what you represent and the knowledge you’ve obtained to earn the respect of others that will trust your opinion on your stud. Locking in a stud is more than just liking a dog, it’s also about trusting the stud owner to make good on his promise to use their stud. Trust is big and we all know stories of individuals that lost that trust and were booted out of the community. Stay active and build a good reputation, once built preserve it through your actions! Number 5- Promote those who utilize your stud! Don’t just post a picture when you send out the white box of semen, but follow the outcome of the breeding. Congratulate the breeder that invested in your stud, promote the results of the breeding because their results directly impact your stud. If they have amazing pups you want to promote that because that’s the testament that your stud is doing his thing! It’s always a fail when the owner of a stud dog doesn’t acknowledge the dogs produced by his stud because of fear of losing business to the upcoming stud their dog created. There is no place for fear in the stud dog world, there’s only room for hunger to produce better! Believe in your stud and believe in those who believe in him!

Cai Shen owned by Austin Kelly and Danny Leal

Promoting a stud dog is deeper than simply these 5 steps, but invest in your stud and believe in him and these 5 steps can set you up for success. There are aspects that are luck, or blessings, but put the work in and eventually it will pay off for you and your stud!

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