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The Ox King

On This Episode of Diary of a Mad Breeder


The game is all messed up! I’m telling you it’s not how you show them, but how you know them! It’s who you are, more than who you aren’t… at least when you’re mad.

The truth is … it’s how you grow them, and when you show them!

Lightning isn’t supposed to hit twice, and it damn sure isn’t supposed to hit in the same spot, but it seems like in the Bully World it’s all about standing in the right spot that creates the biggest spotlight. It’s not like the dog world is short on studs that we need a new one every week, but the truth is when one pops up that’s different... the world takes notice… so know this... the price yesterday isn’t the price today... so stay awake! It’s a musical and when the beat drops not much hits harder than an Ox!

How does a stud fee start at 2k sell 20, and goes to 3k, sell 20 more and now it’s 4K and that’s in 3 days… you see it clearly... the photo is in 4K that’s some Bull… no that’s an Ox. That’s the lilac, champagne colored, bull necked, rhino legged descendant of bulls that played hide and seek from the community then popped out and scared you... like a Jack in the Box... no like a Jack on the Ox… let me get my piggy bank right to lock in my spot… it’s September, but dammit the Block is still hot…

Check out all of The Ox King's info HERE and contact Ashton Edwards because before you know it that $4k stud fee will be 5-10k.

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