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Color Correction

Pittsburgh, PA


There's a saying, if you follow the crowd eventually you will become lost in it, and that is exactly what happened to Amor French Bulldogs founder and Pittsburgh native Lonnie Fisher. A few years ago, she made a decision that she was going to purchase a French Bulldog that fit in the "What's hot and selling right now" category... Only one problem, that category consisted of a solitary item… the color of the dog. The price tag for this decision was a little bit over $50,000 dollars, constant headaches, and a few hairs that decided that they also no longer wanted to be lost in the crowd. (Think about it... You'll get it). However, they say every lesson comes with a blessing.

Meet Chorizo, the blessing, his hue may not be what's attracting the masses, but this stud checks plenty of boxes on what a French Bulldog is supposed to be. Structurally sound with the functionality and intelligence that's intended within the breed. He may not carry the colors that 75% of the French Bulldog community seem to deem as desirable, but who cares? Lonnie doesn’t, she chose to do it her way, and that’s conformation over color!

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