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There are not many things that aren’t better with two, or three. One car is definitely enough, but having two cars is smarter. One home definitely shows success, but also having vacation home is another level of success. People like options, and options are important when we are shopping. Monopolies are only fun in board games… depending on who you are playing with. The dog world is not any different.

The most successful breeders own multiple stud dogs and promote multiple at times. In the Bully World it was important to not only have 21 Black Jack, but to also create Dax. You couldn’t just have Beastro, but you had to have the Buss. Rocko, Big Red and Colossal are all promoted out of Phoking. The multiple stud yard isn’t uncommon, what’s uncommon is having multiple highly desirable studs close in age. That’s what makes 30 Bounds new duo extremely special!

Owner Ashton Edwards has made the moves of 2023 by releasing up and comer Brimm Junior, off of the legendary Brimm early this summer and seizing the market with almost 50 lock ins between then and now! The extreme pocket built bully followed in his sires paw prints by captivating new and old breeders that saw the potential in the young bull. It’s the slow release of a stud that garnered the attention of the masses. Junior isn’t simply Brimm 2.0, he’s Brimm’s mass on a 2 inch shorter frame. It challenges the imagination of pocket breeders around the world in what they could create with such a stud.

It would be easy to stop there and allow Junior to build on the wave that his ancestors had built, but being stagnant is what has killed most yards. So, breeders have to still look to improve their yards, even when they feel they are operating at their best. The moment you feel you are the best is often the moment you begin to lose. This thinking is what led to 30B also adding the Ox King to the lineup. A Brimm grandson that is the size of Brimm with possibly more bone, bigger dome and drenched in a lilac suit. At a year old and coming out of nowhere the young Bull acquired another 40 lock ins and was being shipped 48 hours from landing in Indiana. It was a clinic in promotion, marketing and believing in the blood a breeder is working with. The Summer ran through Fort Wayne, Indiana and 100 lock ins wasn’t a myth, but a reality.

The facts are most are not in the position to build, or acquire one, let alone two highly sought after studs, but the goal should be to build a stable of studs. The goal is to create options for those who want to create better. Not every stud is for every bitch, so having multiple studs that can match multiple females and still maintain structure and overall type is key for breeders. It’s the smart move, and changes a game of checkers into a strategy of chess, and when it comes to the American Bully…. Collecting is the name of the game… so it’s best if your Bulls are collectibles!

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