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50k The Deal of a Lifetime

Updated: Sep 8, 2023


$50,000 is game show money, it’s an instant scratch off lottery ticket win, it’s hitting at the slot machine in the Vegas airport money. It’s not change your life money, but it’s a nice lick. For most people 50k is a car, or a boat, or a business investment. All of these examples of what people spend 50k on are acceptable, or normal, not newsworthy, but a stud fee… that’s outlandish.

Or is it?

Let’s be honest, the American Bully is not short of big money stories, the community is littered with 6 figure dogs, and stories of crazy trades for bullies, from cars to houses. The worth of a top American Bully ranges from $10k to a million dollars, but the rare air is found in the ones that warrant the stud fees that are equivalent to a new Lexus. The truth... the hard-core Bully truth, is only 3 dogs have warranted an astronomical stud fee in the history of the American Bully, with a possible 4th that was knocking on the door for a different reason... I’ll name him later.

ABKC GrCh Dax Shot By Melanie Caudillo

Those 3 dogs are… Dax, Miagi, and yes, the dog of the day Rocko… now before you throw your phone or start writing a response that is incomprehensible let me state why. These three changed the look of the entire breed, they changed the motion into an entirely different movement. No one can argue the Dax effect, the dog literally changed what the American Bully was thought to be. He created stud dog after stud dog that in turn created larger bank accounts for the owners of his sons. There is no argument that Dax made countless individuals 50k plus… easy, maybe 50k would be cheap for Dax if he could be used today with the quality of bitches available. He was the trend, forget a trendsetter, he was the entire damn trend!

Miagi was hobbled by hate, and accusations, DNA refusals and a ban should have made him extinct instead it simply increased his value and the want for that look! People were hungry for the Miagi mug, muscled up physique, and compact size. The moment he was allowed into the American Bully the look was used and put into the makeup. He was a crossover for exotic and AmBully crowds and again like Dax there is no doubt his effect and the cult following that came with the Miagi wave… wax on, wax off, but get paid Daniel Son.

Image of Rocko shot by Toy Soldier Photography

Then we have Rocko, the best structured of the three, the most shown of the three, and the most seen of the three. When it’s all said and done the truth is Rocko will be the only Bully to challenge Dax in impact and he did it during a harder time in the breed. He came during the height of social media, the community knew more regarding conformation, camera phones shot movie quality video and faults destroyed good dogs before they could even get started. Yet Rocko was a hurricane, there was no stopping him, and then last week the Chocolate Boy broke the internet… his stud fee is what? 50k? Stop playing….

Yet in all honesty… it should be, it might should be more. I’m not saying that because the stud fee was posted right here on K9 Stud Source, and there’s no better place to have your stud noticed... pay attention, than right here. I digress though, 50k seems like a lot, but it’s hilarious to hear people comment on the fee being too high, or Khanh Nguyen his owner being money hungry, or him not being worth that… Stop... get some help... let’s use our brains and not our hate for a moment.

There is no doubt that Rocko has been a good investment for the majority of people who used him. He’s created entire yards, he has made nobody’s into somebody’s so let’s not argue worth, that’s documented. It’s hilarious though because no one is saying that people owe Khanh money for using Rocko when he was $2000 and they made 20k-30k selling his pups for 5k piece… anybody trying to pay Khanh back because he got ripped off? Or send Khanh money back when Rocko created a stud that they studded out for $3500, 20 times and made 70k on the 5k stud fee for Rocko… anybody sending a check?

Of course not... that’s a good deal. Yet when a breeder knows their dogs worth the internet goes wild. Yet if Rocko was for sale for 50k there would be a line to purchase him, and it would be considered the deal of a lifetime. Far lesser dogs than Rocko have been sold for twice as much and no one batted an eye. It’s crazy to hear people state that it’s a money hungry move, or it’s greed…

Are people delusional.. listen… if Rocko was offered to the first 20 people who message Khanh in 24 hours for $2500 paid in full… he would sell those 20 spots in less than 10 hours and make the same $50k. You know what I just wrote is true, there’s no doubt about it. That would be money hungry, that would hurt the breed and that would oversaturate the market, be thankful he’s $50k because that limits his usage. Money hungry.. not at all, simple math tells you that’s not the case. If some of these high dollar studs were less…. A lot of breeders studs would never be used, because a lot of studs are used based simply on that’s all people can afford.. damn Bully chill…. Truth stings a bit.

Back to the three I mentioned, all could be valued at that price point, because of their value within the breed. Their marketability alone warrants those prices during their prime times in the breed. Think about this the American Bully world moves quickly a solid stud normally is only used for 1 year to 3 years at max, then the look has changed, and breeders are onto the next stud, Rocko lasted 8 years of still being used! Cost is all that slowed him down, and the fact that he produced his competition.

Whoa! Damn… think about that real fast... he produced his competition! That’s what big dogs do, that’s what producers do, that’s valuable. Some need new goals... that’s 50k today value.

Most won’t be able to gamble $50,000 dollars on a litter. Most won’t fathom it, but Rocko is a cheat code if you have a good bitch, because you can research what he’s done, you can see the setup through the generations. It’s not about getting your money back on that litter, but what you’ll get back from the litter in your program.

One of Rocko-Mania's most popular sons Ch. Grimm

It’s not about do you believe in the high dollar stud.. it’s about do you believe in your program? Do you believe in your vision, do you believe that you’ll still be breeding in 5 years, do you believe that you can create your personal Rocko? See it’s deeper than 50k… it’s about passion and dedication, and belief in yourself. Would you bet 50k on yourself?

There’s a lot of truth in this article, and it’s articulated well, because reality is easy, jealousy makes it hard. So, who was the 4th dog… was it Beastro, nope he’s one of my favorites though. Was it Lucky, nope, legendary no doubt, but not Lucky. Maybe old school like Remy, or Paco, Short Shot, nope.

The 4th would have been Magoo, he was close, but 6 figures and an ocean stopped him. I believe had he stayed in the states his use would have been crazy high and the Magoo tornado would have changed the game. I can look at his impact on Nan’s yard in China and I know had he stayed here the impact would have been just as great, he would have changed the direction of the breed, and this argument may be about him instead of Rocko. Then again if an if was a fifth then we all would be drunk..., so ifs are irrelevant, and we are left with facts.

So 50k is a deal of a lifetime, if you plan on being in the bully game for a lifetime, and if your goal is legacy over dollars. Then again if your goal is money, it’s also hard to argue with an investment on a dog that has proven that he has made bully buckets for a lot that believed in him. So, who is the next Bull to break the bank?

Is it yours? If so…, will you be mad when yours makes 50k in a day… the easy way?

As always, we would like to hear what everyone thinks. So, let us know in the comment section your thoughts on this.

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1 Comment

Sep 06, 2023

Rocko will go down as one of the greatest dogs of all time!!

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