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This is a promotional site only

This site is solely to promote dogs that are ready to be bred or help the breeders find good homes for their beloved pets. We provide you with all of the owner's information after that K9  Stud Source is not responsible for any business done between the stud and/or dam owners. Do your research and ask questions before you send any money. 

Adding breedings and pups

We cannot guarantee that we will bring you a sale but we promise our best to try and bring the traffic to the site that will allow people to come find what you are offering and potentially get you a loving, caring home for your puppies. 

Contracts are a life saver

Before using a stud or providing a stud service the best thing you can possibly do is have a contract to go by so there are no issues after the breeding takes place.

After you pay 

After you have paid to have your dog added to the site it is guaranteed that we will keep your stud on the site for at least a year after being added. We say at least because if for some reason the site doesn't perform well as in any business we will have to shut down. But as long as it's doing well your stud will remain on the site.  We would also ask if for some reason your stud is retired from breeding regardless of the reason that we are notified so we can remove him from the site.

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